Sri petaling transportation guide

As one of the most prominent towns in the Klang Valley, Sri Petaling is a very important satellite town for the federal capital. It is home to many residential areas, commercial centres and institutes of higher learning, which are all very well connected by bus, trains and taxis.

Best ways to get to Sri Petaling

By bus

Similar to other locations in the Klang Valley, Sri Petaling is connected by bus operated by RapidKL. The T418 bus route goes through most of Sri Petaling and the surrounding areas. Starting from the Bukit Jalil LRT station, the T418 bus travels to Endah Villa and towards Endah Parade. It then covers Technology Park Malaysia which is part of Bukit Jalil, and heads out to the Kuala Lumpur Seremban Highway.

If you are coming to Sri Petaling via the city centre, then you can try to catch the U71 bus. This route services several major location in there that includes Pasar Seni and Brickfields before entering the Federal Highway and into Old Klang Road. From there, you will be heading into Sri Petaling which will bring you around the main town centre and to the LRT station if you plan to connect to another town or location.

LRT Stations

The main train station that serves Sri Petaling is the main terminal of Sri Petaling. However, a lot of residents can stop at the Bukit Jalil station which is at the stadium. Meanwhile, the LRT station has since been extended where there is a new station servicing the people of Sri Petaling known as Awan Besar. In most cases, you can catch a bus at the LRT stations which provide connections from one major location to another.

Taxis, Uber and Grab

You can find a lot of taxi stands located around Sri Petaling. There is one in front of Hotel Sri Petaling, front of the mosque and along most of the shops. In most cases, you can easily flag down a taxi when you see one by the roadside. However, you can now enjoy better convenience by using mobile applications like Uber and Grab which are more convenient and better value-for-money.