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Lavender Spa

Nestled on one of the top floors of Endah Parade Shopping Centre is Lavender Spa. As the name implies, Lavender Spa is a place for relaxation, to unwind and merely to rejuvenate the body. Here at Lavender Spa is where the individual is able to take a step back from the taxing demands of everyday life by enjoying the luxuries of life through a full and complete relaxation programme and facilities.

At Lavender Spa, you are transported into a world of bliss and imagination where indulgence is the order of the day. Here is where an all-in-one integrated spa environment for men and women are offered in which everyone is encouraged to put their guard down, be pampered to the maximum and enjoy that which is not possible in the hectic and fast-paced society.

Family-friendly Spa in Kuala Lumpur

The welcoming doors of Lavender Spa tells the full story of what to expect of the person walking into this outlet in which there are all types of everything for them to indulge. There is a great variety of food provided prepared by some of the best chefs around. Visitors to Lavender Spa only need to pay RM138 for a visit and they will be able to enjoy a full range of services and facilities for a whole day there.

Food is provided all through the day where the customer is able to order as much as they like while they can take breaks in between to enjoy grooming services like skin and hair offerings as well as the sauna and bath facilities. Apart from that, there are also the mini theatre rooms where movies are screened as well as there are also massages catered for male, female or couples. Foot massages are also provided while customers could also enjoy the Jacuzzi and hydro baths, all made specifically for the wellbeing of the individual.