Kids Station Marketing

If you walk around Endah Parade, you might sometimes feel that there really aren’t much happening here. If you look hard enough you might come across Kids Station Marketing, which is a shop that sells educational toys and material for children. This is where you will find that they have in their simple shop lot thousands of toys which are catered specifically to build the brain power of children that include iQ games, toys, puzzles and some specially made and designed toys. Toy Shopping Mall is located here

The services that are provided by the shop here include teaching your kids (and you) on how the toys could help to enhance and educate them. There are many choices to choose from here where they can also deliver directly to your home. The outlet is located on the 2nd Floor of Endah Parade and is opened every day of the weak including public holidays. Operation hours are from 11am to 7pm

Most of the toys and items sold here have specific purposes where it will help either the language, mathematical or creative skills depending on what you are looking for. So feel free to talk to the personnel here and check out how their products could help your child to build stronger brain power.