hobby store

Glory System Enterprise

The Glory System Enterprise is a shop operating in Endah Parade Shopping Centre. You can find just about anything related to hobby models and kits here. For all your shopping needs whether you are a hobbyist or a new player, you can find it here at Glory System Enterprise.

A full range of model kits, materials and tools

At the Glory System Enterprise, you can browse through the shop to find the different types of model kits for sale. This includes the widely popular Gundam series that include the robotics, the ships and planes and others. Meanwhile, you can find the Revoltech series here as well as other Tamiya models and items too.

If you are looking for a specific model which is not sold here, you can actually request from the owner. Ensure that you have the right information on what you are looking for and check with the owner if he can help you find them.

Tools, Materials and Services

Besides full model sets, you can buy all types of tools and materials for your models. This includes different shades of colours and paints that you can pick and choose from. Brushes and other related tools are available for sale while you can order certain items if you like.

At the Glory System Enterprise, you can buy your items at the shop if you see anything you like or need. You can make customized orders if necessary as well. However, if you are unable to get to the store, the owner takes online orders as well.

You can make your order via email, fax or call them directly. Once you have confirmed your order, you can make payment using credit card of bank transfer. After that, your product will be delivered to you once payment is received and confirmed.