Celebrity Fitness

The Celebrity Fitness at the Endah Parade Shopping Centre is one of the wellness centres where one can go to maintain fitness and to work out. Here is where there is a wide range of equipments and facilities for the individual to work-out on in order to stay healthy and remain fit at all times. Celebrity Fitness offers state-of-the-art fitness equipments like treadmills and cycling facilities as well as many others to ensure a full and holistic workout for the member.

Apart from that, Celebrity Fitness also offer classes for the members who would like to enjoy a more complete form of exercise and workout. This is where aerobic classes are provided, a known exercising programme developed since the 1960s to help the individual burn out unwanted fats in the body. This form of exercise will help the individual to reduce forms of fatigue as well as to increase their stamina where it could generally reduce health risks.

Professional Gym Facility in Kuala Lumpur

Meanwhile, for those who like to cycle, there is also the cycling class which can be catered to everyone with all levels of fitness. The Cycling Classes in Celebrity Fitness are designed to offer anyone from amateurs to the experts a programme which could help them to slim down or for fitness purposes. Among the programmes offered under this banner is the Peloton, Freestyle and the RPM all of which come with different skill sets and difficulty levels catered to every type of individual.

Celebrity Fitness also offer yoga classes where each member would be able to reduce the stress of the working life and to keep a clear and balanced mind and body through the specifically crafted programmes of this known practice. Apart from that, Yoga is also known to increase relaxation and to establish a healthy and balanced approach to life through the unique exercises and routines.