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Subway Sri Petaling

subway sri petaling

Best Food in Sri Petaling

Did you know that almost every famous Chinese food has a branch in Sri Petaling? Did you know that Sri Petaling has some of the most popular Dim Sum shops that open until wee hours in the morning? If not, you must come here to savour some of the most exciting dishes you can find the Klang Valley. From economy rice with hundreds of choices to hot pot steamboat, bak kut teh to mamak shops, you can find almost anything to eat here.

Properties in Sri Petaling

Properties in Sri Petaling

House for sale and rent

Sri Petaling is among the top places to live in Sri Petaling because properties here are affordable and it is very convenient. When it comes to houses for sale and rent here, you will find all sorts of everything available. This ranges from condominiums to apartments, landed homes in single or double storey, link homes, semi-detached and bungalows. Check out what the different areas are, how much they will most likely cost and what you can expect when you buy or rent a house here.

Shops To Let

Sri Petaling Shops To Let

Shops in Sri Petaling are the best among the surrounding suburbs

Commercial properties in Sri Petaling are always going for sale or rent like hot cakes. There is a vibrant community in Sri Petaling and shops are in very high demand. They remain affordable and competitive as compared to other places of the Klang Valley. Not far from the city centre and very near to other suburbs, check out all the available shops that are for sale and rent here. Evaluate the locations and see what amenities and facilities are offered.

Sri Petaling Transportation

Sri Petaling Transportation

Comprehensive Transport Guide from SriPetaling.com.my

Getting to Sri Petaling is so easy, you can pick and choose any form of transportation mode. Whether it is a bus or train or if you self-drive, a lot of the major expressways like KESAS, MR2 and the KL-Seremban highways convene around here. With 3 LRT stations and many bus stops around the area, Sri Petaling is perhaps the most connected suburb you can find around the Klang Valley. Being near to the city centre means that taking the taxi, Uber or Grab Car will be quite cheap as well.

The best place to promote your business

Community News

Do you have an event planned out in your residential area around Sri Petaling? Do you want people to know about your roadshow here? Community news gives you that platform to spread the word about what is happening around town and all the important information like time and place. Happenings in the community centre and Residential Associations can be posted here too so that everyone knows what is going on in their community whether it is for wellbeing, health, safety or other issues.

Attractions and Activities

Sri Petaling is a great place to stay and it is an even better place to play! Did you know that it is home to 2 international sports arena which are the National Sports Stadium and the Putra Indoor Swimming Pool? Besides that, Sri Petaling is only a stone’s throw away from a paintball park, world-class jogging park and some of the top institutes of higher learning in the country. Not far from here, you will find a lot of food and shopping centres too.